WINEMASTER 4Pcs Gift Set With Corkscrew, Aerator, Foil Cutter & Stopper (Gift Box Included) (608191B)

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We are presenting the WINEMASTER wine Gift Set, designed to open, improve the taste
and preserve your wine. The foil cutter and bottle wine opener corkscrew ensure you quick
access to the wine. But the fun just begins here. The wine aerator comes into scene: now is
the moment to leave the wine to breathe and set free its great flavors and amazing bouquet.
The aeration process is finished instantly, while pouring the wine in the glass; no need to wait
for hours while a regular decanter makes the job and there’s no mess around. In the end, if you
didn’t finish the bottle and want to preserve it for later, you will use the vacuum wine stopper
to take all the air out, so the wine will stay fresh for up to 7 days.
In the WINEMASTER wine accessories gift set, you will find all the accessories you need to
enjoy a great glass of wine. You can open the bottle using the foil cutter and wine opener corkscrew,
after that you will improve its taste, flavor and bouquet by pouring the wine through the wine aerator,
and at the end you will preserve the remaining wine by using the wine stopper.
This elegant high quality wine accessories gift set will impress your friends, family and business partners.
It’s the perfect gift idea for any occasion: birthday party, wedding, house warming party, Easter,
Thanksgiving or Christmas.
The book set box is one of the most elegant and stylish combinations. If you plan to give the set as a
present, or you want it for yourself, you will be delighted by the special design of this special wine gift set.
All the included wine accessories are designed to be easy to use, and you can clean them by simply
rinsing them off and letting to dry. Also, you will keep your table clean all the way, because the aerator
is designed to minimize the dripping.


Gift Set 608191B Includes:

1 – Corkscrew (Wine bottle opener)
1 – Foil Cutter
1 – Aerator Pourer
1 – Vaccum Stopper
1 – Gift Box


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