WINEMASTER Electric Wine Opener Deluxe Aluminum Alloy Bottle Opener Set with Foil Cutter (600157-B)

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WINEMASTER cordless electric wine bottle opener with foil cutter which is easier and quicker
make your drinking life convenient and effective Simple Operation Before removing the cork,
any foil seal covering the cork must be removed first. A handy foil cutter comes included making
the task quick and easy. Then, place the opener on the top of the bottle and press the button.
It will drive itself into the cork and then pull the cork out of the bottle. You can then use the reverse
button to get the cork out of the opener. At last, if there are some wine leave in the bottle, don’t
worry about it. The vacuum stopper comes included can stop the bottle without any air. You can
continue enjoying the wine in the next time. Specification: 1. Opening wine in 6-8 seconds, can
open over 80 bottles continually for full charged batteries. 2. Compatible with rechargeable battery
and alkaline battery. 3. Voltage rating: a. Rechargeable type: DC 4.8V-250mA
(4pcs AA 700mmA Nickle cadmium batteries) b. Alkaline batteries: DC 6V(4pcs Alkaline batteries)
SAFETY PROTECTION – Inner food grade stainless steel drill, it is completely isolated from the
outside by the clear acrylic shell, to avoid accidentally scratch.
CORDLESS OPERATION: Works with 4 AA batteries(not included), electric corkscrew opens up to 80 bottles
EASY-TO-GO – The operation is simple & convenient, meet the ergonomic design standard and
can be used for the regular wine bottles.


Package Includes:

1 – Electric Corkscrew (Wine bottle opener)
1 – Foil Cutter
Requires 4 AA batteries NOT included.


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