WINEMASTER Wine Aerator Pourer – Premium Aerating Pourer and Decanter Spout With Stand (900015)

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The WINEMASTER Aerator Pourer Brings Life to Wine from the Very First Sip… Letting a wine
breathe as you uncork it for the first time is essential to the winemaker’s intended flavor, smell and texture.
The problem is that this process simply takes too much time for the consumer! The WINEMASTER
Wine Aerator Pourer accelerates that process from the very first pour. No more waiting for conventional
decanters to fully open up wine! Handheld Aerators can be messy and hard to clean! The WINEMASTER
Wine Aerator Pourer will HELP… • Impress your family and friends from the very first pour • Prevent buildup
as it is easy to detach and clean. The WINEMASTER Wine aerating chamber is designed to inject air
bubbles directly into the wine. This process instantly helps the wine release its flavors and aromas.
To clean, simply twist the acrylic spout to detach it from the flow regulator and rinse all pieces with
warm water. No more wine build-up in your aerator!
manufactured with high quality FDA approved materials. Its elegant design will add a level of
refinement to your wine drinking experience and is the perfect gift for wine lovers.
AERATE YOUR WINE TO PERFECTION INSTANTLY – The Wine Aerator Pourer has a large
aerating chamber and air intake system that utilizes the Bernoulli Effect to infuse your wine
with the OPTIMAL amount of oxygen. Double the value of your wine by simply pouring yourself a glass!
SAVE VALUABLE TIME – Simply insert the silicone gasket straight into the wine bottle to ensure an
impenetrable seal. Pour straight from the bottle and enjoy a drip free glass from your three staged
aeration system igniting the oxygen and enhancing the flavor of every glass you pour.
EASY CLEANUP – Easy to use and effortless to clean! Simply rinse with warm water and store for your next use.


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